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C.Quartz Finest Treatment

The ultimate paint protection coating is here!

- Scratch resistance
- Chemical resistance
- Self-cleaning ability
- Gloss enhancing
- 2 years warranty

We are New Zealand’s first and only authorised detailer for C.Quartz Finest installation.

Check out our new introduction video of C.Quartz Finest Treatment service.

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PolishAngel® Glasscoat™|Cosmic|9H Treatment

PolishAngel® Glasscoat™|Cosmic|9H (handmade in Germany) is a patent coating system containing silica (SiO) and titania (TiO2)

It provides durable protection, unbelievable surface clarity and colour transparency by its unique blend of Carnauba.

We are New Zealand’s first (and Wellington's only) authorised detailer for Glasscoat™|Cosmic|9H application

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